Well, we had a quite eventful last week. Our family had been getting over the cold and Owen was still coughing. He coughed so hard it made him throw up. His sugar levels had been high since the middle of the night just before this day. He threw up three more times after that. His sugar did not come down, and he became delirious and sleepy. i tested him again and he was to high to register. we then tested his keytones, which can enter the body when he is sick and his body is not reacting to the insulin. They were super high and we had to get him to the ER. We got there and they had to give him an IV to get him fluids. His keytones and sugar levels were not going back very fast, and they found he was in mild DKA. We ended up staying the night to get him back to normal and had a terrible first day in the hospital, with a terrible blood team. Poor guy was in a lot of pain. We told the doctor we did not want them in his room again. After that we had better nurses and the IV team draw his blood. it was so good to see him finally getting better and coming back to himself.

When we were told we could leave he started jumping and clapping his hands. We got in the car to come home and Owen said to me, "Mommy, Thank no more hurt." I was ready to cry. He is one tough little guy.

Able to fight keytones, fly through shots and super strong fingers that with stand the sharpest poke! HE IS SUPER OWEN!!!


Natalie said...

Geez! That is so scary Jamie. Owen is lucky to have you and Jon taking care of him. I wish I could squeeze that little tank-man right now!!!

Maria said...

Poor Owen! He really is a tough little man!

Alycia said...

So happy I found your blog!!! You have such an amazing family!!!