For the past month we have been talking about George Washington. I was only expecting it to take up about a week, but I obviously did not know a lot about him. We were busy having fun and learning so much about him. He was truly a great man. I thought the kids would have been Bord of it faster then they were but they were totally interested.

We began talking about when he was born and through his childhood. he began surveying at the Young age of 16 and was great at it. Taylor loved that he was so young and able to do it well. She wrote her end of unit essay on how she enjoyed the fact that he was interested in the same thing she loves and thinks it would be something she would want to do also.

We moved on to talk about his experience in the military. Washington fought in the French and Indian war. He led English soldiers and colonists against the French to win land. George was a good leader.

He later became the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army. Which he led them to victory ending the Revolutionary War.

This is the Commander in Chief flag. The kids made a big one and one for each of them.

George married Martha and adopted her two kids and he never had any of his own. He was elected the first President of the US, even though he did not want to but new they needed a leader. At the time there were the first thirteen colonies. We talked about them and learned about the first flag of the U.S. We mapped out the colonies and colored each one a different color to tell them apart. We learned that the flag had thirteen stars and stripes, they added one for every state but soon had to stop because the flag was getting to big. That is how we got our flag now. They began only adding a star and kept the thirteen stars to represent the thirteen colonies.
We learned that Washington DC was not the first capitol, there were two before then. The White House did not even exist. He never lived in the white house. It was built in Washington after he had died. There are many monuments in his name today.
We have had a lot of fun learning about our country and we hope you enjoy a little of it too!
The kids painted George with water colors.

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