Idaho Waterslide

We had the opportunity to go to our bishops families land, it is many acres and on there land they have made waterslides. One is 500 ft and the other is 800 ft. We had so much fun in the sun and sliding down with friends. We had trains on and off the tubes, going backwards, on our stomachs and racing. We had fun hanging out with the bishop, the Uboldi's, the Hagberg's, and other friends. We even got Owen to go by himself.
Owen on the slide

Kelby, Kambrie, and Dylan

Crazy Summer Fun!!!

St. George!
We stopped and stayed in St. George before going to Lake Powell. We had fun playing with Great Grandpa and Grandma and Grandpa Scott and Grandma Sherry and Allie. We had fun playing outside and staying up late.

Lake Powell Trip
We went to Lake Powell this month with the Boulter family. It was so fun to be together and have fun on the lake and have everyone together with my Grandpa B. Everyone had a blast swimming, playing games, ski bobbing, slide off the house boat, cliff jumping, and Taylor and kelby got up on the wake board! We had fun late nights playing games, kayaking into a cove or to a good cliff for jumping, dodging spiders, that were everywhere! And of course fighting the occasional wind storm on the lake.
We also had the chance to take the kids to see the dam. All in all it was an excellent vacation!

Happy Birthday Owen!
Owen is now three! he has had quite a year with his diabetics but he has been a trooper. He has also become a big boy! He is potty trained and did it before his 3rd Birthday! he had a cras Birthday and was able to have his best buddies over, Preston and Gabe.

Pioneer Day Parade!
Brother Heninger from our ward has sat in this spot at the parade for over 40 years. he invited us to sit with them. He had set out 105 chairs.

Seven Peaks after the Parade, We got a season pass and we have had a blast hanging out in the sun on the water slides.

School, Scouts, St. George, Easter, a Birthday and a Piano Recital! Crazy busy!!!

Life has been crazy at the Talbot home. This is only a small portion of the craziness.
First, We have had many adventures with school. While learning about the many events of US history we have been talking about places, Wars, Famous People and Presidents. We recently have learned about Thomas Jefferson and his many talents and love of music to Abraham Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address and the mourning of his assasination. We have learned about the Military and gone on field trips to learn of the great people of our heritage. The kids are having a blast and I am learning so much with them.
Second, Kelby has had the opportunity to become a scout and has had fun going every week and learning new things. He had fun participating in the Space Derby with his troop.
Next, we have our fun trip to St. George over Eatser. We went for the weekend and had a opportunity to spend time with family and celebrate Easter and Morgans 6th Birthday. We had fun playing with Grandpa Scott and Grandma Sherry and Allie. We went and played in the water, made necklaces, had a fun party for Morgan and went to the Arts Festival. We also got to have fun and Aunt Natalie and Uncle Brandons house. The kids had fun with Halle and Taya while coloring eggs, dancing on the Wii, Celebrated Morgans Birthday again and more!
When we got home we ahd a party for Morgan with the rest of the family, with yummy Pinkilicious Cupcakes.
Just last week we had the kids Piano Recital. It was great having them perform a piece for an audience and teaching them not to be afraid to play for a crowd. They did excellent!

We made musical instruments while learning about Thomas Jefferson.
We visited the Hill Airspace Museum
Electricity Science experiment with lemons, a penny and a dime. And it Worked!! We did this after talking aout Benjamin Franklin.

We made Abe Lincoln Hats.

Kelby with his Space derby Rocket
While we were at my Uncle Brandons house he decided to try and make crepes on a griddle, and yes it Worked!! It was hilarious to watched though.

The kids loved the Wii Dance game, even Owen got into it.

Searching for easter eggs.

Owen had fun watching Transformers with Grandpa Scott and Taylor loved playing with the beads and Grandma. And all the kids ahd fun playing in the water!

Owen got Fishies from the Easter Bunny, His favorite!

Morgan, the big 6 year old!