Are family went to the TJEd Forum in Salt Lake City. It is a conference for the the Thomas Jefferson Program we are following for Home school. We decided to make it a whole weekend vacation. We got a hotel and planned to hang out. We got there Thursday and just played at the hotel and pool, Friday I went to a class to show me great ideas for teaching and Jon took the kids to play at the zoo, then Saturday as a family we took the kids to the Salt Lake Library and the Planetarium. Saturday night we went to the TJEd Family Ball. Basically a prom for the whole family. it is a huge deal and formal. The kids had a great time meeting new friends, dancing with friends and yes Taylor and Morgan danced with boys and Kelby even got the courage to ask to dance with a girl. It was so cute to watch, and they actually new how to appropriately dance. We all had a great time and it was a much needed family trip.

Swimming at the Hotel

Wolves at the Zoo

One of the reading rooms at the library

Walking on Mars at the Planetarium

Dancing at the Ball. Morgan had a blast with her friend Leah, and she even danced with Sam Slade Leah's brother who wanted to dance with her all night.

Taylor met a new friend and is now pen pals with her, she lives in Colorado, and she danced with her friend Josh Slade.

Kelby mostly ran around with Sam and danced with him, he did get the courage to ask a girl to dance, and then asked two others.

Owen had fun dancing alone till he fell asleep.

It was tons of fun and I was impressed to see that the kids were great at dancing with a partner.

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