It is Great to be Eight!

Wow! I can't believe we have two kids old enough to be baptized! Kelby has turned eight years old. He has made many accomplishments this year, and has a lot of change in the process.

This past year he made a competition soccer team, became a goalie and defender, after not wanting too. He found that it is a great position and though he is at a defender position he can still score! He has scored twice in this position, and he has stopped many balls from going into the net.

At the beginning of last year he started piano and has now reached 3 levels higher then he started and he is enjoying learning more difficult songs and playing them well.

He was a big help with his brother, and helping mommy when I needed him during trials with Owens diabetes. He had to be present and watch his baby brother suffer through a granny seizure, but he never faltered and has been there to love and support him.

Last, we ventured into a new step in the families life. Home school. Kelby did not want to do this, but understood when he was told this was what we felt would be best for the family. Now he is excelling, and loving the time at home and activities we do for school.

Kelby we love you so much and we are so proud of you for getting baptized.

Kelby's 8 yr old cake, he loves Star Wars!

Kelby in his new suit. Very Hansom!
Kelby and his dad

Eight year old picture


Hagberg Fam said...

Congrats Kelby!

Troy and Mandy said...

I'm so glad Stella and I were able to come up for Kelby's baptism. It was so great seeing you guys! Kelby is getting so big...he looks like a little adult in that suit!