This year for Halloween, we did alot of stuff and had a lot of fun!

First, We went to the trick or treat activity at the Zoo, with the Uboldi's. Even though it was very crazy and busy, the kids had a great time getting candy and seeing the animals.

Maria, Preston and Marissa

The gang at the Zoo

Second, we had our school carnival. The kids did a parade and had games and story telling.

The week before Halloween we had an adult game night. We did a murder mystery. It was great fun! I was Dierdre C. Duecer, and Jon was Clavin "Cal" Q. Latuer. Jon was a the KILLER!

The Hallows

The Todds


The Carters


Sarahzina said...

shouldn't Jon have dressed up? Oh wait I see....... LOL

Maria said...

We made the blog...AWESOME! Good times at the zoo! Thanks for the idea and the invite. We had a great time.