This month has been crazy! I will start with the most recent event. Yesterday the girls and I ran our first 5K. It was for the school and the girls really wanted to do it. I personally did not want to, but how could I say no when they say, "Mom it is good for us cause it helps our body and the school!" I am not usually to excited about running, unless for a sport. But I must admit that I had a great time and I am so proud of my girls. They both made it the whole way and in pretty good time. Taylor finished at 32 minutes and Morgan and I finished at 45 minutes. Now we may continue to train together every morning to do another one.

The next activity that took place this month is, our quick trip to St. George. My grandpa has not been in the best of health and my mom was heading down to see him and we decided to go along. Even though the trip was short it was so fun. I love going and spending time with my fam in beautiful Dixie. We stayed and my Uncle Brandon and Aunt Natalie's house, where the kids always have a great time. We went swimming with my grandpa close by and had yummy food and a party for my grandpa's Birthday. We also, got to go spend some time with my dad and step mom and my little sis, Allie. The kids always get excited to go there and spend time with Grandpa and grandma. Then it was time to come home. Like I said a quick trip, but fun.
Kids playing at park

Kelby and uncle Brandon playing Racket Ball with Grandpa (Well kind of) He got it when it came in his direction. It was great that he got up to try, Kelby loved it!

And last, but not least. Kelby this last summer made the Strikers Competition soccer team. He was super excited and we have recently learned that Kelby is a great defender and Goaly. He is quickly taking after the family. Defender like my sister and uncle, and goaly like mom. At first he was not to pleased at the fact of playing back, cause he wanted to score, but that changed pretty fast when he scored from the defensive position. I love watching him constantly improving and learning new things, he is always out kicking the ball around the yard and getting his punt bigger and better.

Playing defense

Playing goaly

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