This month has been a crazy one, just the rest of the months. It is always crazy and fun at the Talbots! We had an art contest, fun with the weather changing, and family gatherings.

The kids had a great time playing in the first good snow of the year. Owen was so excited and he loved the outfit. He totally reminds me of the Christmas Story. They had fun making snow angels and throwing snow balls. I was just glad it waited to snow till the week of Thanksgiving.

Girls out in the snow

Boys in the snow

Last month the kids made there reflections art projects, and this month was the assembly. Kelby did a poster drawing and Taylor wrote a song for the piano. Taylor one in her category and played this month at the assembly. Her song has be moved onto sate.

Kelby and his project

Taylor and her trophy

The weekend after Thanksgiving we always put up the Christmas decor. The kids always look forward to it and know it is this weekend.

Jon putting up the star

The kids sitting around the tree after decorating, watching the train. They sat there forever!

This was a busy month and we are heading right into another one, hopefully I can update sooner so it is not so much in one blog.

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Hagberg Fam said...

Good job on Reflections. Cute pics of the kids around the tree.