We had quite the eventful weekend. We were able to have fun with friends and family all weekend. We even found the time to finally have a family outing, just us, it was a blast!

First, Friday we had the Hagberg kids over. The kids had fun doing art, playing outside, and watching a movie, while mom and dad went out possibly there last time before baby Hagberg comes.

Kids doing art with glitter glue

Owen and Hadley were playing so cute all night.
Second, On Saturday we got to spend some much needed time as a family. Jon has had to work a lot this summer and we have not had a lot of time for us. So yesterday we took a hike up Adams Canyon. It was perfect weather, and the kids had so much fun hiking up the trail and walking along the river. We were also able to see the beautiful leaves in there many fall colors, the kids picked some and brought them home. This was something that we decided we want to do a lot more of, enjoying the outdoors.
Morgan, Taylor, and Kelby by the river
Owen and daddy on the bridge by the river

When we stopped Owen got out of the carrier and loved to run around with the kids and climb on the rocks

Owen jumping off the rock

The beautiful leaves

Third, We had a great girls night while the guys went to priesthood. We did not have as many able to come this year but we still had a great time! The girls that were able to come is My mom, my sister, friend Mandy, and friend Maria. And of course all the kids and two cute baby girls!

Mom and sister

Um, my sister

Sister Brittany and Mandy

And Maria and I did not get in any pics, but we were there.
Last, we enjoyed awesome conference sessions with family, there were so many great speakers and topics that they covered. I love conference weekend and being close with fam and friends and a message from the Apostles of god.

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Hagberg Fam said...

Thanks so much for watching out kids. I love the picture of Hadley and Owen. Thanks again!!!