Well, school is coming and since I was taking Owen's two year pics I decided to do all the kids at the same time. Makes it easier to do only one picture day. The kids had a lot of fun choosing fun spots and choosing some of the poses. And since I caught them all in good moods and the fact that they just love the camera it was an easy task to get good pictures. I had a lot of fun taking them and more fun laughing after, when I looked at them. Choosing a photo however, is a bit difficult. Maybe you all can help with some of the decision.

All the kids

Kids in the river


Owen, not the biggest smile but look at those eyes!

Now I don't know, Big smile? Lol


Here is my little photogenic one, perfect smile every time.

And good at posing


I love this smile!


Man she is getting to old!

Love this one, but still looks to old!


Hagberg Fam said...

Great pictures!! I love Taylor's hair, it looks so pretty.

Troy and Mandy said...

You are correct...your kids are looking so old! I can't believe how grown up they all are. Those are all great pics :)

Maria said...

So cute! I LOVE Owen's scrunched up nose picture. Darling!