Owen has developed such a fun personnality. He is our little tease, and he loves the camera. He does not say much but his actions are hilarious! For example: Owen comes to me crying, I ask what is wrong and he begins telling me, through cave man speach. He points to himself, then swings his armm and then points to Morgan, all the while grunting noises with each movement. I then ask him if Morgan hit him, and he nods yes. He apparently does not think he needs to talk. However, he has finally began too talk and communicate. This we he started saying "Love you" by saying "Lala". And he will say snack and point at the fridge, you then have to figure out what he wants, trial and error. We are coming up on our little guys 2 year Birthday! I can't believe he is going to be two!! He loves to sword fight, play with horses and cars and loves Buzz and Woody from Toy Story. He is not scared of anything, and has given me heart attacks more then once. He loves to jump and fly through the air, from the top of the stairs or on the couch, he jumps to me but does not get my attention first, wild thing! He also loves to be with daddy, whether helping or tackling him. We love our little Owen!!
Taylor and Owen in there 3D glasses
Owen loves helping daddy with his little hammer.


Hagberg Fam said...

We love Owen too! He is definatley a little ham!

Maria said...

He really is such a cute little guy. I love his stout little man walk! So cute!