Cousin Fun!

This past week the kids have had a lot of fun with the cousins! We went to Lagoon Monday and all most all the cousins were there. They all had a blast going on all the rides together. It was crazy how many of them were big enough to go on all the rides! They have all grown so fast. Owen loved the rides and would cry, just like Taylor did, when the ride was over. He is a little dare devil! He loved even Puff the roller coaster. Thanks Grandma Talbot for a fun day!!

After Lagoon we got to have the Talbot Family come stay and play with us! They have been here since Tuesday and it is so fun to see the kids just pick up there friendships and way of playing from when we used to see each other every day! They have all been playing great and having fun. We went swimming, late night bowling, and played outside. I have enjoyed my usual late nights with Camie, just talking about anything and everything. And I have also enjoyed being with my little nieces and nephews. I love listening to Eli's little voice and Ivan and Morgan still playing and fighting at the same time, and of course we had to have the girls put on a show for us.

All in all it has been a great week!

Grandpa Talbot with Owen on Puff

All the kids with Grandma Talbot on Puff

The kids and Grandma at Lagoon

Morgan and Ivan

Eli and Owen

Hannah, Taylor, Morgan, and Ivan on the tramp

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