We have been wanting to have a kid friendly backyard since we have been married and we are finally getting it! We have a swing set, sand box, playhouses, big patio for basketball, and a new addittion this week, a trampoline! Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Talbot, who just tired of moving it, brought it to our house for the kids to enjoy. The kids had no idea it was coming and they were so excited when they found out. Yesterday was the first full day they had outside in a long time and they spent most of it on the tramp. They jumped with tricks, balls, played games and had the sprinklers with it. They had a blast! Taylor said, "Now we have everything you could want in a backyard!" Mission accomplished. Now if my kids come in saying they are bord this summer I will reming them of all the things that are in the yard, or they can pull weeds. :)
Owen was a bit nervous at first, but now he loves it!

We love summer fun in the sun!


Natalie said...

Oh yay! This is officially the year of the trampoline. Super cool!

Hagberg Fam said...

Your kids can come and pick weeds at my yard if they get too bored! Looks like they are having a blast.