Two weeks ago we had a couple of mini vacations, well that is what we called it. We got some discount passes to go to Lagoon, so we took the kids and had a family day. It was a lot of fun just doing our own thing and taking the kids on the rides big and small, yep Taylor and Kelby are now big enough for the roller coasters! And they loved them! They both went on Wicked and have both decided it is there favorite ride. They also went on the wild mouse, Spider, White roller coaster, and the Bat. And Taylor went on both Rockets and the Jet Star. It is great that she loves the rides cause so do I and Jon gets a little sick so now I can go with her! Morgan had fun on the kiddie rides and her favorite is the Dino Drop, She wanted to just stay there. She got excited when Owen could go on a couple of the rides with her. It was a great and well needed family vacation.

Owen was not to sure about the rides, but Morgan loved going with him

Taylor went on both the rockets, once with mommy, once with daddy
Dino Drop


That Saturday we went to the Echo lake with my family. It was so fun, for the first time in a long time we had alot of my moms family together at the lake. There was my mom and Jeff of course, then Grandpa B, Aunt Linda and Uncle Frank, Shara, Brenda, Lexi, Cody, Brittany, and Shannon, Jon, Taylor, Kelby, Morgan, Owen, Me It was a perfect day to ski, wake board, tube, and ride the water banana. We all had a great time!
Cody, Kelby, and Shannon

Gracie, Taylor, Morgan, Aunt Linda

Jamie and Brittany

Owen had a blast in the water

Shara and Jamie

Owen and Morgan all worn out


shara said...

I'm so glad we were able to spend time with you guys and catch up. Plus that boating day was probably the funnest boating I've had in years-it made me remember how much fun I have with you guys.

Thorpe Family said...

Great post! I am glad I got to spend time with you!