This last week while Jon was at scout camp we were doing all we could to keep busy to help us not to miss him as much. We had a lot of fun with friends and family. We went and played at my cousin Sharas house and the kids played in the water, we went to the zoo with our friends the Hallows, my sister came and played with us for a few days, and Taylor had Achievment Days, day camp at Camp Kiesel. It was alot of fun and even though we were so busy we all still missed Jon a lot! I could not be a military wife, I am not strong enough, plus I like having my hubby around.

Playing in the pool with Lexi

Camp Keisel

At the zoo with the Hallows


Hagberg Fam said...

I am glad Jon is back. I also could never be a military wife. I hate being alone!

Maria said...

Looks like you had fun trying to keep your mind off your loneliness. Glad he's back around. :)

Maria said...

What's your email so I can send you an invite to my blog? We decided to go private.