Friends and Family

The kids had the chance to spend some time this past weekend and week with some cousins from the Talbot side. Camie and her kids came to visit and play for a couple days, and we have not spent any time with them all summer so the kids were way excited. While they were here the kids played in the pool and many fun games. Also while they were here Camie and I got to have our late night talks together like we used to. It was so fun to have them.

Morgan and Ivan

Eli in pool

Owen and Eli in the tubby, this is there "handsome" faces. When you say "handsome" they smile really big.

Mayzie, Gracie and Taylor BowlingOne night while the Talbots were here we went to Bountiful Bowl for some late night bowling after they closed, our friends the Hallows and Carters came too. We had tons of fun bowling and just being silly, even the kids had a great time bowling and staying up late.

Jon Hallows, Bryan Carter, and Jon bowling

Jamie, Nicole Carter, and Jen Hallows

Jen and I got new flashy pink bowling shoes! Ya baby!!
Lindsay Hallows and Alex Carter

Then we had Portland and Memphis up for a couple of days too. They came and slept over for two nights and the kids were having so much fun with them they were sad when it came time for them to go. While they were here the kids played outside with scooters, the pool and we went to the park.

Portland, Kelby and Memphis
The kids were jumping into the pool and man did they get some air!!





All the kids in the pool

After having so much fun with cousins my kids are going to be bored to death! Good thing school starts next week.

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Thorpe Family said...

Looks like fun! I also love the new background!!! Hopefully I get to see you this week!