This year for the 4th we started a new tradition. We have heard that the Kaysville festvities were alot of fun and not to busy. So we decided to try it out this year and now we have a new tradition for the 4th. It starts early with breakfast, then a 5K race then the carnival opens at ten and the parade starts at eleven. We got over to get a spot for the parade at nine then went over to the carnival and walked through the booths they had and they had blowup rides that started at ten so we figure we do them before the parade and before it got to busy. We went over to go on them but could not find where to buy tickets and when we asked where to get them we found out that it was free!! FREE!! The kids got to do everything and it was all free. Then we watch the parade and got tons of candy, toys, and gift cards. The kids were having so much fun.

Playing at the carnaval

At the parade

After the parade we met up with my mom and Jeff and went to Bountiful Bowl and had fun bowling and since they our closed on the 4th we had the whole building to our selves, so us, my mom, Jeff, and Cody, ordered pizza and bowled for a couple hours.

To end the day off we headed back to the park to get a place for the fireworks, after we were settled in a good spot the kids had fun earning some money. Earlier that day I went to Dollar Tree and got lots of glow sticks and the kids ran around selling them for $1. With bowling passes, they were having so much fun doing it when they were out they wanted to do more, so they went around just giving out free bowling, then after we went back to the rides to play again before the fireworks started.
We had a great 4th!


Thorpe Family said...

MAN! I'm so bummed I missed all that!!! Sounds like a blast! I will definitely join you next year!

Troy and Mandy said...

How fun!!! That would be so fun to join you guys next year! I always have the 4th off of work cuz we are closed, so maybe next year. So I have a present for Owen's first birthday...if I don't see you I'll give it to Brittany to give to you guys.