This is going to be a long one! We have been very busy and having a lot of fun!!

A couple weeks ago we went to the Davis Rec. Center in Bountiful and went swimming it is alot like the Lehi pool and has a lot of slides and fun for the kids, this one has a fun outdoor pool with slides coming out of a Pirate ship! The kids love it. And since we got free passes to go it made it even better! However, it is farely cheap so we will definetly be going back!

Taylor can swim back from the diving board and loved it

Owen loves to splash and get others wet!

On the 11th of this month we went to the Shapiro cousin reunion in Midvale. This is Jon's moms side of the family. It was alot of fun to see family we don't see very often, and Aunt Tara was face painting, so of course the kids all got it done and looked amazing! Morgan got a butterfly, Taylor a snake and a mask, and Kelby a super hero.
We got a pic of the girls but Kelby wiped his off before we got one.

This past week my sister came up to play and stay at the house, the kids love to have her for sleepovers. While she was here we played soccer the first night, then went to the park the next day and that night my mom took us to get Pedicures. I had never had one and it was great!!


Yep, my baby boy is walking. He just decided to let go and do it, and it is so fun to see but so sad:( my baby is getting sooo big! I can't belive he will be one on Tuesday!


Thorpe Family said...

Super fun! I love that pic of Owen walking! He gets so excited I LOVE it! I had a blast! Can't wait for Tuesday!

The Gray Clan said...

Fun. Your family is so cute. That little Owen is getting so big! Macs been missing his Kelby! I hope we will be able to come up soon.

Natalie said...

Our babies are walking!! Isn't it so fun...fun until they start running:) Sounds like you're having a great summer so far. Miss you guys! Planning another trip soon I hope?