This week we went to the Lehi pool with Aunt Brittany, Uncle Christian, Meghann and her boys, Carter and Gunner and friend Danny, and had a blast!! The kids have been asking all year to go and we finally planned a day and went. They have water slides for all ages, even for Owen! He loved the water and did not want to stop going on the slides in the kiddie pool. Taylor and Kelby are big enough now to go on the big water slide alone and they went on it to many times to count. We all had a great time.

Brittany and Owen

Daddy and Kelby


That night we went to Brittany and Christians house to sleep over and we did sparklers that night and went to breakfast at IHOP in the morning and then to the park, and then back to hang out with them again at there house. The kids were having so much fun it was hard getting them ready to leave and they kept asking when they get to go without mommy and daddy for there own sleepover, I feel so loved. It was really fun to just take a brake from life and have some good fun. Thanks Aunt Brittany and Uncle Christian.

Sorry no more pics, they won't download.:(


Thorpe Family said...

We had a blast as well! Thanks for coming! I'm sad the pics didn't work!

shara said...

I can't believe how much Owen is looking like Kelby. You guys definitely stay busy. If we hadn't gotten fried at the lake we would have come up yesterday. know how crappy a bad sunburn makes you feel. Good thing 10 hours at the lake made it worth it.