St. George

We had a great easter vacation, we have kind of made going to St. George our Easter tradition and we love it! We get to stay at my uncle Brandons house and play with his cute family, Natalie, Halle 3, and Taya 10 mo. And my sis Brittany got to come too! It is nice to get out of the cold and life and take a break. Even though we really only got one good day of sun, we still had a blast!

Halle and Morgan watching a movie on the bed

We got there Wednsday, on Thursday we went swimming at Warm Spings in Nevada. It is so beautiful there surrounded by palm trees and warm spring water it is a mini Oasis. Grandpa B and Granny came with and Steph and Mackie came to play with us too.

Warms Springs

The gang at the pool!

Morgan and Halle eating Cheetos after swimming hard

Friday was a little cloudy so we did a bit of shopping and just hung out, it was nice to not be busy all the time and relax and be lazy instead of going all the time.

Baby Owen and Taya not to happy:(

Saturday got a little busy but fun, we had a shower for Stephy and baby Sophie soon to be here! After we colored eggs with the kids and then had an easter egg hunt in the back yard. We had 9 kids there for the hunt. Our kids, Halle and Mackie and my cousin Tylers dads kids and cousin Sarah. The kids had so much fun!

Sunday was a beautiful day, and the Easter bunny came! The kids found there eggs and had fun looking through there baskets before getting ready for church. Of course the day we go home is the best, but we took advantage of it and got good pictures of the kids in there Sunday Easter outfits. It was a great weekend! Thanks Brandon and Natalie!!

When we got back on Monday the kids got to do another hunt woth Nana and Papa. They had fun running around there yard fining the eggs and getting more candy and money!


shara said...

It looks like you had a ton of fun. We need to plan our trips together next time so all the kids can play together

Troy and Mandy said...

How fun!!! I'm glad you guys had a great time in sunny St. George...I bet it was so fun to come back to snow! LOL I'm excited for the Pampered Chef party tonight! Yay for yummy desserts and girl talk! See you tonight!

Thorpe Family said...

Looks like fun! I am super excited to come visit!