I am so excited for spring, and this great weather! We have been trying to enjoy it all we can. We went to the duck pond park, that is what Morgan calls it because of all the ducks in the pond, in Layton for family night. We took dinner and just went to play and enjoy the weather. The kids had a lot of fun feeding the birds.


I guess Morgan had fun at the park cause she wanted to go there today with her friends for her birthday party. We always have playgroup on Wed. so this week we did Morgans birthday. We decorated little cakes and made them into doll dresses, the girls loved it! Then of course they played on the playground and got to feed the birds. And Morgan still has more Birthday to come, we are going swimming tomorrow night, anyone who wants to come, and Aunt Brittany is coming to take Morgan to lunch. Spoiled!
Morgan and hers friends Avery and Emma

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