Conference weekend!!

Conference weekend was busy and full of fun!

First, Friday we had plans to go take dinner to Jons parents and after dinner us and the kids were able to spend time with them as well. The kids had fun playing with grandma and grandpa. This activity is something we definitely don't do enough, something we are trying to do better at.

The kids, Jon and Grandpa Talbot

Owen playing with Grandma Talbot

Saturday was great! It was the laziest day we have had in a long time and it felt good! We just sat around the house in our comfies and watched conference and in between the sessions we watched a movie as a family, for a bit we went outside and played and the kids had fun with chalk, it felt good to just chill out. Then later that night while the boys went to priesthood we had our traditional girls night and we had alot of girls this time, it was so fun! There was Me, my sister Brittany, my mom, friends Mandy and Meghan, and my friends Jen, daughter Lindsay and Rachel, and all the kids. Then after priesthood the guys came back and we had a game night. Loads of fun!!

Hangin out during conference
Playing outside, the kids traced each other

Babies at the girls night all within
2 months of each other, all boys!

We won!!

We played Disney
Scene It


Then, Sunday we watch the first session in our jammies at home and the second session we went to my moms and hung out there for a while. All in all it was a great weekend.

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Troy and Mandy said...

Troy and I had so much fun with you guys this past weekend! I'm so glad we get to do it every Conference...we just love your family to death and are so grateful to have you guys as friends!!!