Babies grow so fast!!!

Well I can't believe that my baby boy is now 8 months old, it is so sad how fast they grow. Owen is now crawling all over the place and is standing on everything and starting to walk around on the furniture. It does not matter if I try to stop it or try not to walk him around he just did it on his own, I was completely content with him not moving but apparently he was not. He has the funnest personality and loves to play with his big sisters and brother. He is now starting to do better with going to other people, he is a major mama's boy, which I love but it is also nice to have a break. Now he sees his dad and gets so excited, and crawls his fastest to see him. I love this age of learning and gaining a personality, it is so fun!!

Owens grandpa face

Owen now spits with his tongue out it is so funny

My baby crawling!

Morgan is my little Miss Hollywood! She loves the camera and loves to dress up and sing and dance. And she has attitude when she talks, little miss thang! Her favorite word is"WHATEVER!" I know attitude is not always cute but she is a hard one to stay mad at, just look at that face!

Kelby is doing great in school and it is hard for me to believe that the year is almost up and he will be in 1st grade next year, all day! WOW, I hope I can handle it.

Taylor seems way to old for only eight, she seems like she is turning thirteen, She has the emotional thing down and she is so interested in hangin with mom and does not really care much for the toys anymore. I am excited to have her as my hangout buddy but she needs to slow down her growing in the process. She just won the spell a thon at school for getting all of her words correct and for the most donations for each word she got right. So thanks to all who donated!

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Troy and Mandy said...

I love your kids to death! They are growing up so fast :( I'm excited for this weekend and can't wait to see you guys later this afternoon for Conference Weekend! YAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!