Well I have been having alot of fun with our new camera, it is so fun taking pictures now and having them all turn out no matter the lighting! So of course I am constantly behind the camera and rarely in the pictures, but I love my new toy I am taking pictures of everything and the shutter speed is so fast I don't miss a thing. We got the Nikon D60, and I love it!! I took some pictures of the kids dancing and different movements and I took them in a row so when you look at them fast on the camera it looks like they are moving.

Kelby moving arms around

Morgan dancing

Anyway, this month we went and hung out at my sisters house, I went with her to this really cool relief society where Jenny Philips, a singer, came and did the program it was awesome! Then we stayed the night and the kids had a blast playing with uncle Christian and Aunt Brittany. In fact they were bummed that they only got to stay one night. Mandy also came to hang with us so after the kids went to bed we got to just hang and talk, it was really fun.

Just yesterday we headed to Spanish Fork for a Talbot Family party and before we met up with Jon's brother Mica and his family and went to play at the park. The kids were so excited to see each other. It was fun to see them and family at the party.

Owen and Eli
Morgan and Ivan

Riding bikes with all the kids at the party.

That night after the party we left the party a little early to get to our first soccer game. Jon and I started a coed soccer league with some couples in our stake, we love to play and we were so excited to play, and then we started to play...and man are we out of shape!! We were trying to think of a name and I said we should be the Living Dead, because we are living when we start and dead when we are done, totally fitting.


Thorpe Family said...

Very cute blog!!! I LOVE your camera! I can't wait to get some great shots in St. George!!! Oh, and I can't wait to go to St. George!!! 16 days!!! Woot Woot!!!

Troy and Mandy said...

I had so much fun last Saturday! I like your new camera too...we can be "camera buddies" LOL. I LOVE your soccer team name...I think you should really use it! LOL

Natalie said...

We're way excited to have you in St. George too!! Let's have a photo shoot as always!