Patiotic kids!!

The whole second grade had a patriotic program, where they all sang different songs in honor of our country and the presidents. Taylor had two parts, she had a speaking part and for one of the songs she and a couple other kids were chosen to do sign language for one of the songs. It was a really strong program. They did a great job!!

Brittany also came up for the program and stayed with us for two nights and Morgan was so excited to have her " Bwittny" here to play, they played tea set, and played with the little people and the furniture.

Patriotic Program

Taylor doing sign language

Morgan and her friend Emily at the program.

Brittany and Morgan playing Tea Party.


Now that Taylor is 8 she gets to go to Activity days in our ward. It is girls activities for ages 8-11, kinda like a Young Womens prep. Anyway, this last Friday they had there mother /daughter mascuerade. It was alot of fun we made masks, had treats, had to guess what baby pictures of the girls went to the baby pictures of the moms, and did some fun line dancing. There was not to many moms that would get up and dance with there daughters but I was glad to know I am not the only crazy mom to do it, there were a couple of moms that got really into it and made it alot of fun for the girls.


Becky said...

What a fun time. Your kids are growing so fast.

Thorpe Family said...

How fun! I can't believe she is that old! I had a ton of fun thanks for having me! Don't eat my pizza, one day I will remember them