March Madness!!

March has just started and already it has been a crazy fun feeled month of activties! First we went to Classic skating for there dollar night with our friends the Hallows, it was crazy busy but way fun! The kids had a blast skating and scootering around the rink. They all participated in racing on skates, scooters and sock races.

Us and the Hallows getting ready to skate!


Kaleb and Owen
Jen, Jamie, Kaleb, and Owen

Morgan and Emily Hallows

Taylor and Gracie
Daddy and Morgan

Next, Kelby was the spotlight this week in his class, which means he gets to bring a poster about him and have a day when parents and grandparents come to class with him and talk about special things and interests of Kelby. Kelby chose his dad and Papa to talk about him. Kelby was so excited we came.

Kelby and his poster

Daddy read Skippy Jon Jones one of Kelbys favorite books


Last night my mom watched the kids for Jon and I to have a date, so we went to dinner and had a great time talking, then went and met the kids and my mom at my brother Basketball game there my mom offered for the kids to sleep over, and the kids were so excited and of course it I was too. Time to be alone with my husband and kid free, well besides Owen, was going to be nice. Jon and I have not had much time alone for a while since work has been so busy. Infact to start the night off Jon had to go into work that night and close the bowl, so I went along and we hungout there for awhile, came home around 1:00am and went to bed, and the next morning my totally awsome hubby! Woke up with Owen and let me sleep in and on top of that he made me the best breakfast, with pancakes, eggs, toast, muffins, and orange juice! YUM!! It was sooo fun, I have the best man ever! Thanks mom for taking the kids.

Enjoying my breakfast

Owen eating breakfast with us, cheesy grin.

Jon I guess liked the meal too. (cheesy grin like owen)

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