This past weekend we had the opportunity to go to the Draper temple open house. We went with my sister, Christian, Mandy, Troy, there son Nik, my Aunt Linda and Uncle Frank, my mom, Jeff and Cody and his freind Shannon. It was so exciting and to see how excited the kids were, was even more exciting. Taylor was so excited she said her stomach hurt, I am assuming she had butterflies. She loved every part of it she was asking questions and her face just lit up when she found out what room we were in. I think she was the most excited to see the Brides room and where she will be married. She got so excited when I told her what they were. Kelby loved the Baptismal font and Morgan loved the chandeliers, she said "They are so swarkling, and butiful." just like that. All the kids were said as we left they can't wait till they can go inside again.

Waiting to go on the bus to the temple.

The bus ride to the temple.
Linda and Frank
Cody and Shannon

Brittany, Christian, and Owen

That night we went to Brittanys house to stayed the night and had fun playing games, and staying up late. Sunday we went to church with them and then hunout through the day and Mandy and Troy came over and we all had dinner together. It was a blast!!

Playing games at Brittany and Christians

Owen recently has been making a new face, it is a huge cheesy smile! SOOO CUTE!


Thorpe Family said...

I am in LOVE with that cheesy grin! what a cutie!!! Thanks for coming and playing! We had a blast! By the way, cute background!!!

Becky said...

We are going to the Temple this Friday and I think the kids are looking foward to going. Sound like a fun time, it is so great to be able to take the kids.

Kimberly said...

My neighbor, Helen , she is 2, she has that same sooo cute smile. You can't help but smile when yous see it.