We had a girls night at my sisters house and did cards, ate junk food and watched a chick flick. It was me, Brittany, Mandy, and my mom, well and Owen. We love getting together and now that we are planning for every third Wed. we have that to look forward to and we will get to see everyone at least once a month.

See how much fun we are having we want all of you to come play with us! Well girls that is, sorry boys, NO boys aloud!!


We have a mountain of snow in our front yard from all the snow we have shoveled from the driveway. And the kids went out and went up one side and down the other. They had been asking and asking to go sledding so when I said they could do it in the front yard they were thrilled! And it made it easy for me cause then I could keep Owen in the warm and watch them at the same time.

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shara said...

I bet the kids loved sledding at their own house. Do you remember when we used to sled on Grandpa's huge hill in his backyard? Good times.