Fun February!!

Well we have been having alot of fun this month, but I have been clueless and did not get pictures of most of it. Anyway we were able to play with Jons brother and his family a couple weekends ago. The kids were so excited to have them to play with, they miss there cousins!

We also got to go to Desert Star Theatre for Valentines, with all the fun sanpeters(I think that is spelled right), from Moroni. It was so fun we saw Home School Musical, and it was so fun to see everyone again. We had such a good time my mouth hurt from smiling. Thanks for the invite, Talbots!

And just last night we went to Surf 'n swim for family night, and of course I forgot the camera. I was so bummed cause it was Owens first time and I only got pics on my phone. But we had a blast and Owen was so excited he was kicking and smiling just walking into the water. He would sit in the water and splash, and when a wave would come he would flap his arms to splash in the water. The kids were so excited that we were going swimming even though there is snow outside.

Well, hopefully I can remember the pics next time.

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Thorpe Family said...

Sounds like a ton of fun!!!! At least you got pics last night coming to you!