Wow!! Owen is now six months old, and we had fun doing pictures of his cute chunky body. He is always so happy that we had so many pictures it was hard to choose just one, this is just a sample of what we got.

Owen Benjamin Talbot 6 mo.
We call this Owens grandpa face.

Morgan was doing so good at helping Owen smile and then she wanted a picture too.



Kimberly said...

It's so good to see you guys. Kimberly as in Ron and Kimberly your cousin. I will stepping by often. Come by and check out my blog sometime. It is and for recipes and cooking tips,

Looks you guys are doing great. We live in Kaysville only next door, practically. It would be fun to visit.

Hargett Family said...

Oh you're kids are so adorable!! I miss them! I'm excited to see you tomorrow for the U of U gymnastics meet...can't wait!! Thank you so much for having an extra ticket for my mom to come. She is very excited to go and thanks you!

Natalie said...

Oh those chunks! I have't done any nakey/chunky pics of Taya yet. Need too!