Yep, it is that time of year again. Summer flew by and I was not ready for this school year to begin. But ready or not here we go. Taylor is now in Fourth grade and is considered as the upper grades now. It is crazy how fast she grew! She is going to be in the double digits this year, 10! She loves school and was so excited to wear all her new clothes, and style her new hair cut. She is getting to old! Kelby is in second grade and is also excited for this year of school. He was worried about his class at first cause he did not think he knew anyone, but after the first day he realized he had more friends in his class then he thought. He was also excited for the new clothes and shoes, since he got three pair of shoes and he usually never has that many. He says the girls always get lots of shoes, so he was excited to get lots too.

Taylor, ready for her first day

Kelby ready for his first day.

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