Spring Fun!!

Well, we went from snowman weather, to beautiful sunny weather with in a couple weeks. We have been getting our yard ready for the summer and the first thing on our list was the sand box. Why? What better way to keep the kids busy while I do the yard and pull weed. And since they love playing in the sand, even Owen, I figured that the kids area was the best place to start.

We moved the swing set into the dirt area and planted it into the dirt so it no longer tips and the kids can swing as high as they want. Behind there is where we put the sandbox, and next to that is the big play slide and playhouses. If my kids get board, it is there own dang fault!

I am so excited to get our yard done and have it a place to gather with friends and family. My Aunt Natalie is coming to help with the flower beds so I will get pics of that later. I can't wait for summer!!!


Natalie said...

The sand pit looks like fun. Can't wait to come visit. Hopefully the weather cooperates with us while we plant!!

Maria said...

Sandboxes are the BEST thing ever! Looks great!