Morgan is now 5! She was so excited to be 5 and to be big! Now she is ready for school, she says. She said, "Now I am 5 so my back pack will not be heavy."

It is so crazy that she will be in school next year. It seems like she was just born. She came to us after 12 hours of labour, weighing 6 lb 14 oz, and was 18 in. She has always had a fun personnality and is a joy. She loves to smile and laugh. She loves dancing, singing, and dressing up. She is a big help at home, from baking bread with mommy to playing and making her baby brother laugh. She never fales to make mommy laugh with her random quotes of the day; for example: "Mommy did you know that a girl climbed a mountain and fell and got hurt?....Did you know you can eat a brownie with a fork or your fingers?" or "Mommy you are older then daddy but he is bigger..." Whispering, "but you are going to die before him." She has been the hardest to discipline, only because you are laughing so hard you can't. She learned early on what teasing is and loves to do it, mostly to her brother. She has always been good at making friends and loves to play with them whenever she can. She loves to learn and is already reading small word books, even if she rushes through the words hoping she got it right. "J-J-J-little?"

Morgan we love you so much and can't wait for the next five years of excitement and laughter!

Morgan had a princess cake with all the Disney Princesses

Morgan wanted a Jesse doll from Disneys Toy Story, she found it a week before her birthday under my bed. She clames she was just laying down. Yep, thats Morgan for ya.

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Hagberg Fam said...

Happy Birthday Morgan!