A Very Happy Birthday!!

This year for Taylors birthday she wanted to go ice skating, we did not tell her we were going until the night before cause we did not know if we could for sure. But Jon got some free passes from work to go so we did and she was so excited! In fact after we skated she said, "This is the best birthday I have ever had!" So it turned out great! And the kids were surprisingly good. She invited some friends so it ended up being a big girls night aside from daddy, and brothers Kelby and Owen. She invited her friends Gracie and Jaylee, and her sisters Kambrie and Hadley, and Taylors cousin Lexi came with her mom Shara. At first all the kids were nervous and held onto the wall but by the end of the night they were all skating through the middle of the rink laughing. They fell a couple times but would just jump up and go again. Best birthday ever...accomplished.

Friends at the party

Gracie, Taylor, Kambrie,
Jaylee, dad and even Owen

Shara, Lexi, and Morgan

On Friday we had our family birthday party for Taylor, and had cake and ice cream. We had lots of fun fam time with Grandpa and Grandma Talbot, Grandpa B, Nana and Papa, and Aunt Brittany and Uncle Christian.



shara said...

We had a ton of fun skating with you guys. Sorry we couldn't make it on Friday. I'm glad she had a good birthday.

Hagberg Fam said...

Happy Birthday Taylor, we are happy that we could be a part of your best Birthday ever!