Great Weekend Fun!

This weekend we had the boulter Christmas party, and the whole family was able to make it! It was so fun to have our family back together for Christmas. We started the night out by decorating gingerbread cookies (really yummy ones, thanks Shara), then had a yummy dinner, then we had a kids white elephant game and an adult white elephant game, the kids had a blast with the left, right poem, and the adults were laughing like crazy during our game. Later we had the kids dress up and perform the Nativity, one of my favorite parts, they were so excited to do it. And all through the party we just mingled and laughed and had a great time! I love Christmas!

The gang at the party.

Justin and Shara

Uncle Cody and Nana and Owen

Taylor and Grandpa B

Craig and Peggy

Shannon and Cody

The camera girls actually got one pic of them!

Steph, Shara, Brittany and Jamie

Kids playing the white elephant game

Sophie and Tyler

The Nativity

Great party!!
The next, Saturday, Morgan had her dance recital. She did a great job. She new the whole dance and was center stage, so the whole class had there eyes on her. It is great to see how much she has grown in dance, last year she got nervous and did not do all the dance. This year she was smiling huge and danced the whole thing. It was so great! And yes I cried she was so stinkin cute I couldn't help thinking that is my adorable child up there.


shara said...

Cute pictures. I'm actually impressed you got one of me and Justin with him kind of smiling. But I'm just wondering why you didn't put up the pic of you rocking the Night at the Roxbury square???

Troy and Mandy said...

Oh my gosh...Morgan looks so adorable in her dance outfit!!!