Christmas fun!!

Christams was great!! Christmas Eve was a little different this year for us, instead of getting together with my whole side of the family, since everyone was seperated, it was just us, my mom and sister and bro. Which I have to admit even though we still had fun I totally missed our tradition. We still made cookies and did talents on a smaller scale and we started a new tradition where my mom reads a new Christmas story to the kids after they get into there new jammies, then my mom gives the kids the book. It was fun.

The kids in there new Christmas jammies.

Christmas morning was way fun! I found my self very excited, in fact when I was up at 6:00am for owen morning feeding I wanted to go wake the kids. They finally woke up and we went out to see if Santa came and he did!! There stockings were stuffed and the tree was surrounded with gifts. Brittany and Christian stayed the night this year which was way fun to share the excitement with them and my mom came over early like my grandparents used to. After opening all the gifts and playing with all our new toys we had our traditional breakfast, Christmas dump, it is with sausage, hash browns, eggs, and cheese, Yummy! With cinnamin rolls and juice. The rest of the day was spent lounging around enjoying Christmas day. That night we went to the Smith Christmas party and had a blast seeing everyone that we don't get to see very much, we had a white elephant game which is always a good laugh. All in all Christmas was good!

Kelby got his leapster from Santa, just what he wanted!

Taylor made daddy a great gift!
Owen had fun with the boxes and he got yummy treats, Kelby made mommy and daddy and fun Christmas plate.

Brittany and Christian got a game and Cody got a Guitar from us.

Taylor got Hannah Montana guitar hero, and Morgan got her hippo and as you can see not just one!


This New year we brought the year in with a great game night with friends and family. We had the party at our house and had tons of food and games. Brandon and Nat came up from St. George, my sis Britttany and Christian, my mom and Jeff were there and friends The Reese's and Cahoon's, and my brother stopped in at the end. It was loads of fun!!

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Thorpe Family said...

I'm sure glad I was there for all the fun!!! Sorry we only got to stay over one night! We will definitely stay at your place next time! I loved staying there so long! wish I could do that all the time! Well, hope to see you soon! Probably not for a couple weeks, but we will see. Luv ya!