Wow! This holiday has come so fast I can't believe it is here.

This weekend we had the Talbot Christmas party, we all met in Provo and it is the one time of year that we are all together. The kids were all very excited to see there cousins and play! We had dinner, did crafts the kids did the Nativity, it was great! It reminded me of when we use to do that when I was a kid. We ended singing Christmas songs, it was fun.

Owen and Eli
Owen, Taylor, Mayzie, & Eli
Morgan was the donkey and Ivan was the camel in the Nativity
Makade: Joseph
Mayzie: Marie
Hannah, Kelby & Mya: Wiseman
Taylor, Katja, Saebra, & Kalina: Angels
Payton: Shepard
Zack: Star
Ivan & Morgan: animals
Talbot family picture

Tonight we attended Morgans first dance recital, she was so excited! She is in tap and ballet, and her costume is adorable. She was nervous on stage and even though most of the time she stood there smiling and waving at us she new the song and did some of the dance steps. I love watching them at this age!!

Morgans tap dance was to "I want a Hippo for Christmas" and now that is what she is asking for.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


Natalie said...

Oh I wish I could have seen Morgan's dance!!! Halle will be starting ballet this year and I CAN'T WAIT! Miss you guys.... we'll see you next week :) Merry Christmas

The Gray Clan said...

Morgan looks so cute!!! We miss you guys! I hope we are able to see you guys soon! Merry Christmas!

Becky said...

Hey Jon,

I hope you made it out of Walmart ok, they had pretty long lines when I checked out (that is the only bad thing about Walmart...)

My email is... (in case you forgot)

And Becky's blog is...

We'll have to have you all over for dinner soon, after we're done being sick.