September 2008 with the Even Six Talbots

We have got a lot going on this month. Taylor is now in the 2nd grade. Kelby is in kindergarten. They were both nervious to start a new year of school; Kelby because this is his first year, Taylor because it is a new school. But despite the nerviousness, they both were really excited as well.

Something also exciting this month was the blessing of the newest addition to our family, Owen Benjamin Talbot. He was blessed Labor Day weekend.

Kelby is on his first soccer team this year. So far he has scored three goals in two games. He has also experienced his first bloody noise from being hit in the face by one of the players on the opossite team. He looks forward to his game every week.

We had four exciting events take place all in the same weekend. Grandpa B's wedding and Brandon's B-day on the 13th, Taya's blessing and Jon's B-day on the 14th. It made for a very eventfull weekend. It was fun to see family and meet new family.

Kelby was the ring bearer . . .

and all the girls were flower girls . . .

pics of some manly men . . .

The Ladies

Kelby & Taya

Owen is growing a ton and developing a very fun personality. He is starting to smile a lot, but on the flip side he has the worst temper of all our kids so far.

Finally!!! We bought a house in Layton and sold our house in Moroni. Our new address is 880 Amethyst St. Layton, UT 84041. We have been doing a lot of work on it to get it ready to move in. We will put some pics of it in the next update once we get things rapped up and we get settled in.


Thorpe Family said...

Super cute pics!!!! About time you updated this!
See you soon!

justin and shara said...

I hope you are feeling ok? Sometime you'll have to tell me the whole story, I have heard about 4 different versions. If you still need help painting your new house let me know-I love to paint and the kids would love to play.

The Gray Clan said...

I love to here what you are up to so lets get an UPDATE!!!! haha I thought I was bad!