Summer Rap Up!

Well summer is coming to an end and since school is starting we thought we would throw in a couple last minute activities. Besides the excitement of having four kids, Wow! That is crazy! The kids have been having alot of fun helping and being a big part of Owens life. They all want to be the biggest helper, Taylor is excited cause I taught how to pick him up on her own and she can rock him standing up. So now every time he cries she rushes over to get him, I have to tell her it is ok for him to cry sometimes babies do that. None of them understand. Kelby always is talking to him and calling him his little buddy. He wil say "It's your big brother, little buddie." And Morgan wants to hold him like Taylor and I have to tell her she needs to ask mommy for help cause she is still little and she says, " But I am the big sister." So she gets to help with the clothes and the diaper and it has helped alot. Owen is getting bigger everyday, not as fat as his brother was but he is very long. He is going to be tall like his daddy.

Our summer activities that we have recently ventured out doing are:
We went boating for the first and last time for this year, thanks to the gas prices we have not been able to go to much. Plus with having a baby in the middle of the summer it kind of interupts things. But we went and the kids and Jon went on the boat and had a blast I stayed the majority of the day up on the grassing picnic area with Owen except when my mom traded places with me so I could have a ride on the boat. Jon got up on the wake board and the kids and Jon had fun riding the water weiny. And the water was perfect for swimming.

We also were able to go and meet Brandon and Nat in Park City and hang out for a little bit and see adorable little Taya for the first time and got some fun pictures of Owen and her together. And even though Taya is older Owen is longer then her, he is the jolly green giant. It was so fun having them together, I wish they lived closer. Taylor, Kelby and Morgan also had fun playing with Halle. It was alot of fun to see them and spend the day in Park City.

The kids had fun out on the tramp at Nana's house with Cody and his friend Candy, they put there swimsuits on and put a sprinkler under the tramp and jumped and got wet at the same time.

Well summer over, Sad! But we have a fun year a head we will keep you posted.

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Thorpe Family said...

Super cute blogging!!! I new you could get it! Soudns like you summer rap up was fun!!! Our summer will be rapping up with sod laying! haha. Our last little outing will be going to St. George, but that's not until September. But it will be fun! I'm excited to see you guys on Saturday!!! By the way....121 days until Christmas! haha