Crazy Summer Fun!!!

St. George!
We stopped and stayed in St. George before going to Lake Powell. We had fun playing with Great Grandpa and Grandma and Grandpa Scott and Grandma Sherry and Allie. We had fun playing outside and staying up late.

Lake Powell Trip
We went to Lake Powell this month with the Boulter family. It was so fun to be together and have fun on the lake and have everyone together with my Grandpa B. Everyone had a blast swimming, playing games, ski bobbing, slide off the house boat, cliff jumping, and Taylor and kelby got up on the wake board! We had fun late nights playing games, kayaking into a cove or to a good cliff for jumping, dodging spiders, that were everywhere! And of course fighting the occasional wind storm on the lake.
We also had the chance to take the kids to see the dam. All in all it was an excellent vacation!

Happy Birthday Owen!
Owen is now three! he has had quite a year with his diabetics but he has been a trooper. He has also become a big boy! He is potty trained and did it before his 3rd Birthday! he had a cras Birthday and was able to have his best buddies over, Preston and Gabe.

Pioneer Day Parade!
Brother Heninger from our ward has sat in this spot at the parade for over 40 years. he invited us to sit with them. He had set out 105 chairs.

Seven Peaks after the Parade, We got a season pass and we have had a blast hanging out in the sun on the water slides.

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Maria said...

LOVE the Lake Powell pictures! I need a water vacation in a bad way! :)