Week 3- Homeschool- Martin Luther King

This week we learned about Martin Luther King and what he did for the African American people. We talked about a dream he had for his daughter and others daughters To be free and not be judged for the color of there skin. The kids were interested to learn that he and his family went through so much. They memorized his speech, and on one of the days I had them think of there own dream they wanted that would change the world, Just like Dr. King.

Taylor's dream was that she wanted there to be no more drinking and smoking, so that more people would not get killed from these addictions.

Kelby's dream was that people would stop killing animals.

They wrote down there dreams and what they would do to make them happen. Then they presented them to me as if they were doing a speech like Martin did do the people. They did a great job and it was fun hearing the different things they would do for the world.

On another day they did there language lessons and then I had them cut out different shapes and make a picture of there choice for art this week. At first they thought it would be hard to make a picture with just shapes, but once I told them that all pictures are made with shapes they tried it, and had great success. Kelby made a soccer player with rectangles, ovals and circles. Taylor made a butterfly with a flower, using triangles, ovals, circles, and a square. They turned out really cute.


This week we talked about three different explorers. The first one was John Cabot, he was a lot like Columbus and wanted to sail to find the Asian shores as well. He also did not find them but came to North America and was the first to step on land in what is now called, Newfoundland Canada. We learned of the many different voyages he had and about his life as a child. In 1997 a copy was remade of Cabot's ship, the Matthew, and sailed to Newfoundland, Canada.

Second, We talked about Ferdinand Magellan, the first man to lead a voyage around the world. He took five ships:
the Trinidad, Magellan commanded
the San Antonio
the Conception
the Victoria
the Santiago
The journey began on Sept. 20 1519.
Sadly, Magellan never made it completely around the world with his crew. In April, natives attacked his ship and he was killed. They were so close, and the following September, one the ships he lead, the Victoria, returned to Spain and made it completely around the world. They left with 251 men and only 18 survived.

Activities: The kids painted Styrofoam balls like the Earth and put a ship on it as if sailing around the world.

Third, we talked about John Smith. The famous explorer of the legendary story told about Pocahontas. Which they really don't know for sure if the tail is true but it has become a popular story in our history. The tail of John Smith exploring through Virginia and meeting the natives and being almost killed by the Chief Powhatan, but his life was saved when Pocahontas put herself between the Chief and John.

Activities: Made telescopes with paper towel rolls.

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