Happy Holidays!!

We have had a great holiday season. We had our family Christmas parties the week before Christmas. First, we had the Boulter party. We had yummy food, the kids did the Nativity, we played a white elepahant game and Santa came to visit! Then we had the Talbot party, again yummy food, great talents, and the kids did the nativity there too!

Christmas Eve and Christmas day were fun and relaxing. We did not have a lot of rushing around and we were able to spend time with family and have fun with new gifts. Christmas Eve was spent with Nana and Papa and doing our traditional gingerbread house making, story time and off to bed.

Christmas day we hung out and were lazy, then went to Grandpa and grandma Talbots for fun with cousins.

After Christmas we went to sunny St. George, which unfortunately was not sunny. It snowed a good 3 inches and stuck to the ground and it was freezing!! But we did get to see my grandpa, who recently was injured and is in a rehab center, and see other family as well. It was a great trip.

Last night we had a great New years eve party. We had our friends the Hallows and Carters over and played crazy games and ate way to much food, and made lots of noise at midnight! Happy New Year!!!

Morgan with her Christmas gifts

Taylor with her gifts, lots of monkey's!

Kelby got a DS, not so sure I am going to like this.

Owen got loads of Buzz stuff, including his automatic wings!

Talbot Party

Boulter Party

visiting Grandpa B


Shara said...

I think Owen has the cutest smile ever. You can't help but smile when you see him cheesin' it up.

Troy and Mandy said...

How cute!! Owen looks so adorable in his Buzz wings. I'm glad you guys had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's!

Hagberg Fam said...

Looks like the kids had a great Christmas. I love Owen's Buzz wings.