Owen is now a toddler, two! We love our little guy, he has been so much fun! He is starting to talk a ton, finally. I thought he was going to grow up as a cave man. He is now starting to repeat what you say, and he shows hand action, his own sign language which is hilarious. He says, "Pawease", "dop"(stop), "dad", "mom", "No", "Nope", and started to say "Nana". with other small words here and there. And we know now to watch what we say, Jon said in frustration the other night, "What the crap!" Owen, "a duh tap!"

He has his own personality and is super stubborn! If he does not want to he won't. He loves the camera and will always give a cheesy grin. He is obsessed with Buzz and Woody, and loves cars, swords, and wrestling with his brother. Even though he is two he is still my baby. He will cuddle up to my arm at night, in the swaddled position in my arms and go to sleep. My little cuddle bug!

Owen with his new Buzz
Owens Birthday Cake
Owen with his cake
Happy Birthday!

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shara said...

Sorry we couldn't make it, I've just felt awful the past week and I have to figure out a way to get through the next one. I love that cake-Kyle would have died. (and nice shirt too-we sure do have handsome little men).