Girls Camp!! The Amazing Race

For girls camp our theme was the Amazing race! We had different opsticals for the girls to do to pass off things to win stamps on there pass port. At first things were going down with camp, since our President came down with Mono, we had to relocate a week before going and the boat did not work, so no boating day. But the lord knows what is best for us cause we had a blast and it all worked out! We went to Echo Lake all our activities worked out great there we had a great camp site for our tents and we had water day everyday! The girls had one of the best times at camp in a long time, words from the girls. And I enjoyed every minute of getting to know the girls and work with the awesome leaders in our group! We really have a amazing group of young womens!

Sis. Mascaranas and Me

The girls and Sis. Edge swimming
Team Germany and there flag
Team Mexico and there flag
We also had team China and there flag, but I can't get the pic on here. Ugh.
Sis. Uboldi kissing a fish head (Yuck!)

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Natalie said...

Oooooh I love girls camp! Wish I could have gone this year. Glad you had so much fun.