Easter Weekend

We had quite the busy weekend with friends and family. It was filled with Easter fun and enjoying Conference. We got to have many visitors over for coloring eggs, Easter egg hunting, watching conference, laughing and talking, and eating a lot of good food.

First my sister and her hubby came Friday night and stayed over, then Saturday, friends Mandy and Troy came for Conference and Easter. Morgan was so excited to see Troy and was attached to his side from the moment they arrived. Saturday we enjoyed conference and being lazy. Between the first session we had a BBQ, then colored eggs.

Owen coloring his first egg.
Mandy, Brittany, Nana, and the kids coloring eggs
Later that day we had more friends and family come to play and join in an Easter egg hunt. Luckily the weather held up for us for a minute to have it outside. The Hagberg's, the Meredith's, the Grays, the Horton's, and the Todd's came. It was a party! The kids had a great time looking through the yard for 218 eggs.

All the kids running from the house to find the eggs

Morgan and Lexi looking for the eggs

Owen doing his first Easter egg hunt

Early Easter morning we came down stairs and found that the Easter bunny had come to visit us! He left lots of fun and yummy treats. He also hid our eggs! The kids looked through there baskets and enjoyed a couple early morning snacks then were off to find the eggs.

The kids looking through there baskets of goodies

Owen found two eggs!

The kids did good finding most of the eggs but some were hidden up high. Some were on the chandelier, on the curtain rod and top shelves. But the kids found them all.

Taylor getting the egg off the curtain rod

Mandy and Troy and the eggs all found

We normally go to St. George for Easter and we missed it greatly. Especially the great weather. However, we were blessed with such great family and friends that it was a great Easter! Thanks everyone that came to play!

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