Fun Day Off!

Yesterday for Presidents day we had some fun enjoying our day off. Even Jon had it off, so we went to the Bountiful pool. We had some free passes to go there and the kids were so excited. The kids love going here and playing on the toys and the big water slide. Owen was nervous at first, but by the end he was jumping in from the side of the pool, he was loving it so much I could not get him to stand before he was turning to jump back into the water. All of my kids are fish! They love to swim and jump in the water.

Daddy and the kids in the pool

Owen getting ready to go swimming

After we swam we ran to catch a movie at the dollar theatre, The Frog Princess, but it was sold out, so instead we went home and watched our own movie and the kids made it like a theater, with treats and tickets. Nana and Papa also came. It was fun and we saved money!


A couple of weeks ago we went sledding with our friends the Hallows and Jons sister Tara and her boys. The kids had fun getting pushed down the hill from Jon Hallows, and went flying over the jump on the hill. I could not believe how fast they were going and they were laughing there heads off! They were not scared at all and would ask to go faster and faster. The kids were having so much fun that we stayed till it was almost dark.

Jon Hallows pushing Morgan

Emily, Morgan, Grace, Taylor, Jon, and Owen at the bottom of the hill

Owen and Jon about to go down

The babies, Owen and Kaleb, all by them selves!

Here is the jump everyon got good air on, this is Morgan!

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