Well, Christmas is over and we are coming to the end of 2009. We have had a great year of fun and experiences. We moved into a new house, but we were able to stay in the same ward and the same school! We were all glad for the change of address.

Jon is still working for Bountiful Bowl and staying hip and young with the youth he works with there and in his calling at church with the Teachers as the Varsity Scout coach. Both of which he loves doing. He is also busy as a dad, playing chess with Kelby, reading or cars with Owen and taking the girls on fun dates. His goal for the year 2010 is to get in shape and manage his time better.

Jamie is still busy with the chitlins, at home and at school. She learned to make homemade bread that bakes in an hour, and loves it! And the kids love to help. She has been busy as the PTA Pres. Elect, and having fun being involved with the school and all the students. She was in the scouting program for the first part of the year and enjoyed learning how it works, and has recently been called to a Beehive advisor which she is thrilled about! Goal for 2010 is to not spread herself to thin.

Taylor has had a very exciting year! She was able to attend the same school for the second year and not have to switch schools again. She has read over ten books this year which includes some of the Harry Potter series, she is on book five. She is our little book worm. She is doing great in school and loves every minute of it. She has great friends and loves to have reading parties with them.

Kelby is also having a great year in school and is doing great as well. He loves to read and is excited to be reading all sorts of chapter books. He loves Reddy Freddy, Magic Tree House, and The Knights of Right series. He also wants to begin the Harry Potter series. He loves to play outside with his friends, which now live with in walking distance, and he loves spending time with his dad.

Morgan is our little Diva, she loves to play dress up and do her hair and make up. She has had a fun year doing her Pre-school at home and learning her alphabet and numbers. She gets so excited to do school work, she loves to do patterns and matching and loves to spell three letter words. CAT, HAT, DOG, etc. She has fun baking bread with mom and playing with Owen when the kids are at school.

Owen is our busy boy, he loves to run and play. He loves books and would sit with you and have you read to him all day. He loves buttons and animals and has recently become very interested in Elmo. He is starting to talk and say a few words, but is still OK just pointing at what he wants and knows that he does not have to talk cause his siblings do it for him. He says; dog, mom, dad, woe, more, and up. He loves to smile and if he sees the camera he will be the first to smile a very cheesy smile.

We are excited for the up coming year and hope that you have a great year as well.

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