Busy, Busy!

We have been so busy and I have not done a new post so I have a lot to talk about. In the past couple weeks we went to the zoo to see the baby elephant, so cute, and we also got to see the other babies at the zoo as well. It is a baby haven there. There was a giraffe, tigers, a crocodile, a monkey, and of course the elephant. The kids had a lot of fun and Owen loved seeing all the animals.

Then, we got a call from the reflections coordinator to tell us that Taylor had won in the 3D category. We were so excited for her. We went to the assembly to watch her receive her medal and we did not tell her that she had won, so when they did not announce her name as a contestant she got the biggest eyes cause she new she had won a medal. She did a great job and we are so proud of her, now they have sent it to state so we will see!

Morgan got to go on a date with her daddy to see the princesses on ice. We didn't tell her until that morning and when we did she was so excited that she ran up to Jon and hugged him and said "Thank you, thank you!" It was adorable. Then we had to decide what princess dress she was going to wear, and she was so excited that she kept asking all day if it was time to go. Maybe next time we will tell her right before they need to leave.

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Hagberg Fam said...

Congratulations Taylor!!