The kids are now done with soccer and they had a great season! Jon and I had a good time coaching but are also glad for the season to be over. Coaching three teams was tough! Taylor was on the blue and pink team and her team chose "Bubble Gum" for there team name. Kelby was yellow and black and were called "Thunder". And Morgan was on the white and red team and they chose to be the "Hot Tamales". It was a lot of fun!!

Taylor, Bubble gum, bubble gum in a dish how many goals do you wish!

Kelby, Goooo Thunder!!

Morgan as a Hot Tamale!!

Halloween Time!

First we went last weekend to a costume party in Layton that was free for the kids to play games, get there face painted, get candy and go through a haunted house. We went there with our friend the Berglunds and there kids Dallin and Jeremy, and friends Cody and Kinsee. Then on Monday we went to the school Halloween parade and the kids paraded around the school in there costumes and then had refreshments. And now we are getting ready to have there class parties tomorrow and then off to St. George for more Halloween fun! And hopefully for warm weather. So more to come after Halloween!

Creative Fun

Taylor wanted to enter in to the reflections contest at school, which is an art contest, and she knew exactly what she wanted to do. The theme this year is "Beauty is...." and she said that the first thing she thought of when she heard the word beauty was the planets. So this is what she did all by herself. She did a great job!

Morgan helped mommy make bread again today, every time I make bread she always wants to help. She puts on her apron like mommy and wants to do all that I do.
It has been fun having time with Mo Mo while the kids are at school, and Owen is a sleep and I think she likes it too.

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