This last weekend we had fun with the Boulter clan. We got together with everyone for family pics on Saturday and after we all went to Liberty park for dinner. Also that night the boys went out for a boys night to a movie and girls all came to hang at my house. The kids had fun playing while the mommies had fun talking. It was so much fun being together with the entire family, that has not happened for a long time. Then on Sunday we got together again for Trevors homecoming, which he did a great talk!!

Grandpa B and kids

Kelby and Macky

Brittany and Christian

Halle, Morgan, Taya and Owen


The Gray Clan said...

So cute! It was so fun to see you guys and we will definately ave to get together lots when we are up there!

shara said...

You got some fun pictures too. Once I'm feeling better I will get disc's burned for everyone and mail them out.